I Will Feature You/Your Product In WELAB Print Magazine!!!!!

From USA! Quality beats quantity, every spread of our magazine is designed by the professional graphic designer worked for SONY. WELAB magazine is comparable to ELLE, GQ, ROLLING STONE.

If you are an entrepreneur, product owner, aspiring actor, musician, singer, model, you need to be on a CELEBRITY MAGAZINE!

    • Unlike other indie magazines, WELAB carefully chooses clients to be on its prestigious magazine with real readers to make sure you are not in a pile of amateurs. 
    • The designer from WELAB has worked for SONY to guarantee the high quality. Just not another junkie indie magazine!
    • For print magazine front cover and back cover slots, contact me for availability!
    • You can show off to your fans, friends, investors, biz partner, the public and use it for your resume.
    • & Guess what! WELAB gives free copies to its connected MAJOR LABEL executives & other industries’ top execs!
    • “Why should I trust you?” Ahem… ‘Cause I have full 5.0 Star customer ratings on all freelancer websites. All my clients love the result! I take pride in making all my clients happy! 🙂 Your Press is My Reputation™

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  • $15 Basic — Online Press Add To Cart
    • 1 Online Press on welabmagazine.com.
    • Your own content with limited words
    • 1 published photo
  • $39 1 Page — 1 Page in Print Magazine + Online Press Add To Cart
    • 1 inner page in WELAB print magazine.
    • 1 Online Press on welabmagazine.com.
    • Your own content (300-600 words, no interview)
  • $49 2-Page Standard — 2 Pages in Print Magazine + Online Press Add To Cart
    • 2 inner pages in WELAB print magazine.
    • 1 Online Press on welabmagazine.com.
    • Your own content / our interview questions (600-900 words).
  • $250 Premium — Front Cover of the Print Magazine + 4 inner pages in the print magazine + Online Press (Contact Me for Availability)
    • Front Cover Story in WELAB print magazine
    • 4 inner pages in WELAB print magazine.
    • 1 Online Press on welabmagazine.com.
    • Your choice of One on one Interview or Your Own Content (600-900 words).

Please note that the above packages DO NOT include:

  • REVIEW of your press before it goes publish
  • REVISION of your press before it goes publish
  • The copy of the print magazine
  • Your Links on your online press / print press


  • $20 Your Name On The Front Cover Add To Cart
    • I will make sure your name will be on the front cover of WELAB print magazine.
  • $10 Retweet Your Online Press Add To Cart
    • I will retweet your online press by 11 real twitter accounts with over 60K real and active followers.
  • $5 Add One Link Add To Cart
    • I will add one of your links to your ONLINE press.
  • $15 One Time Review Add To Cart
    • One time review for your print content before publishing.
  • $35 One Time Revision Add To Cart
    • One time revision for your print content before publishing.
  • $55 Back Cover (Contact Me for Availability)
    • I will feature you on the Back Cover of WELAB print magazine.
  • $5 Your Banner Rotation Add To Cart

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What do I need from you?

  • Your Press Release Bio
  • Professional photos (no less than 1 MB per photo size, no snapshots, no selfies).


How to order?

Simple! Email me at welabmagazine@gmail.com and I will walk you through your materials, then send you a PayPal request to order!

When will my press come out in your magazine?

Your online press will be out within 3-5 days after I receive your payment. Your print press will be out in the upcoming WELAB print publication. WELAB generally runs a bi-monthly print issue basis. If you submit your order after the cutoff date of the upcoming publication, your print press will go to the next publication. Our previous issues were Jan 2017, Mar 2017, May 2017, Aug 2017….. Please refer to our submission cutoff date on the right column of this page (Cut-off date is subject to change based on availability and time. In order to maintain a high quality, WELAB limits certain amount of submissions for each issue).

Will I get a hard copy of the magazine once my print press is out?

Currently the hard copy of the magazine can be ordered online for $12.99. You can make the order once the magazine is launched. I will definitely keep you posted once you make the order.

Can I review my press before it goes published?

Due to the high volume of workload, WELAB is unable to provide review and revision to every client before the publishing of the magazine in order to meet the timeline. However, yes you can review your work by ordering extra gig as above! If you want any revision on the layouts or word contents, you may also order the extra gig for 1-time revision.

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Click below for the real pages from our previous publications:

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